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The December issue of Vogue is now on sale featuring Anuhya Interior Collection in their ‘Deck the Halls’ article. Check it out on the link below :-


I have some exciting news. The team at Anuhya has been approached to feature in the Christmas edition of Vogue Magazine. The interiors advertorial section are currently putting together their bumper Christmas edition and felt that Anuhya’s accessories for the home would appeal to their readers.

This is a really exciting opportunity for Anuhya and will help to showcase our range of unique and contemporary home accessories to a readership of circa 1.3 million.

Vogue Magazine is synonymous with style and class and their readers will be seeking inspiration for their homes in the form of unusual home accessories. The fact that Anuhya Interior Collection will be a part of this Christmas editorial is recognition of the unique range of modern home accessories that we offer. The Christmas edition of Vogue will be on sale from 4th November so be sure to buy a copy. In the meantime you can view our full range on-line at

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When creating an interior design scheme it is important not to forget those finishing touches. Accessories for the home help to complete a scheme and without them a room can look unfinished or even unbalanced.

Accessorising the home is a great way of putting your own stamp on a project and creating your very own personalised space. The art is in selecting the right interior furnishings and determining whether they are to serve a function or purely decorative purposes. In some cases they serve both. For example, a cushion will no doubt serve both a decorative and functional aspect when placed on a sofa in a living room, but when placed on a bed propped up against the pillows it is usually intended for decorative purposes only.

It is important when selecting accessories that they complement and harmonise with your chosen scheme. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to match either in colour or necessarily style. A classic interior with a contemporary stainless steel decoration can result in an eclectic design that stimulates interest. Equally so a contemporary interior featuring an antique style brass lamp hints at bygone days and can soften the edges of an otherwise minimalist scheme.

Experimenting with accessories can be great fun and in most cases they can easily be changed or updated to compliment your latest look or colour scheme. The key is knowing when to stop so that rooms do not become overcrowded with clutter rather than creating focal points of interests with well positioned accessories for the home.

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Antique paintings and pictures
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What is it about English football that in any major tournament we make it so hard to get through to the next stages? I’m not sure if the players like to tease their fans but yesterday’s game was certainly a nail biter. The downside of course is having to play Germany in the next round which will no doubt be even more nerve racking, although some of my fellow viewers do not think it is such a bad thing.

Despite the nerves it was a fun afternoon yesterday and also an excuse to make use of some of my occasional furniture that otherwise would not see the light of day. My normally redundant love seat provided some very handy extra seating as did my leather ottoman bench for the various bodies huddled around the TV. Of course, I inevitably had to remove some of my more fragile items from display such as my abstract sculpture and lotus lamps as there was much leaping around and shouting every time England came close to scoring. I’m sure you can picture the scene and therefore the potential for a major accident!!

So now I have a couple of days to get my breath back before doing it all over again on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy having my friends around but I’m just not sure my nerves can take the stress of the game! But I have the champagne buckets at the ready along with the wine bottle accessories and beer, because with our history with Germany if we do win we will definitely have something to celebrate!!

Not only can sculptures be stunning pieces of art, but they also have their place in interior design particularly when it comes to accessorising ones home. They can add character to a room whilst at the same time evoking different emotions or images dependent on the particular form the sculpture takes.

If you are looking for a figurative and abstract sculpture, Anuhya Interior Collection offers a very select but unique range. Each clay sculpture is completely individual in looks and design which will appeal to those of you who actively seek out exclusive products. The range comprises abstract sculptures and torso sculptures each of which have their own distinct appeal.

A personal favourite of mine is the coastal shell sculpture as it evokes images of windswept beaches and rolling waves on a blustery winter’s day. The detailing in the glazed finishing and sculpted lines are truly stunning and would take pride of place in any home. Equally beautiful but following very different lines are the two female sculptures and the male sculpture. Not only are they inimitable works of art but they are also an investment which will last a lifetime.

I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to the world cup this year. There’s something about events like this that create a sense of solidarity and make people pull together. The best part though is that it is a good excuse to have friends over and watch the England games together, cue Friday and the first little soiree to get things going.

Although watching a football match with friends is a fairly informal affair, I still like to make sure that they are made welcome, not to mentioned looked after. I usually put out a few nibbles along with some refreshments and take a lot of pride in creating an attractive table setting. I think it is important to concentrate the setting around table centrepieces which not only create a focal point but also add interest to the display.

When it comes to refreshments then the appropriate wine bottle accessories are top of the list for the more refined of my friends. Closely following this is an ice bucket to keep drinks cool, especially with the current warmer weather. If England does well and makes it to the final then it will be a good time to get the champagne accessories out! The perfect solution for housing and displaying all of these items is a folding bar which is not only an attractive piece of furniture in its own right, but functional and space saving.

To finish off the effect I find a few tea lights and lotus lamps create the right level of ambient lighting which always helps in setting the mood and creating a sense of atmosphere. All that remains now is for Friday to come along and to say ‘Come on England’!

So let’s talk about orange, a close relation to the colour red but more warm hearted and generous. Orange is symbolically regarded as a positive colour as it raises tolerance and strengthens the will. Orange is associated with endurance and strength which is why you often see it on athletes and sportspeople.

Orange is a warm vibrant colour and is psychologically linked to health and vitality. It is probably no accident that vitamin C tablets are usually orange in colour! Unlike red which is a very demanding colour, orange is more sociable and optimistic. The key positive characteristics of the colour orange is that it is a positive colour that is sociable and likes to work in groups. Despite all of these attributes it is not a popular colour choice so in interior design it needs to be used carefully and with caution.

When considering interiors furnishings orange is a good colour choice for children. It has been shown to improve academic performance as well as making them more sociable and cheerful. Like red it helps to stimulate the appetitie so would be a good choice for a dining room or restaurant, even a public house. Since sports people relate to orange it is a very good choice for exercise rooms or playrooms whilst its creative qualities make it a good choice for designers and other creative industries.

When designing on behalf of clients and considering both colour schemes and accessories for the home, orange also has a negative side. It represents change which can make many people feel insecure and can also be seen as misleading. The persistent qualities of orange can be annoying and the colour should be avoided in areas such as rest rooms or relaxation areas. For people suffering addictions, especially those who tend to eat or drink too much, orange should be avoided. It is also not suitable for individuals who are likely to be irritable or hyperactive or in areas where people may suffer nausea.

One can see that creating an attractive interior environment is not just about tasteful decor or, for example, contemporary living room furniture. The effect that the colour can have on people’s emotions and well being is also of paramount importance.

I’ve been learning all about colour in the latest module of my interior design course and I have to say it really is a fascinating subject. I’m sure we have all at times used colours to describe our emotions such as feeling ‘blue’  when a little down, or have ‘seen red’ when aggravated. I’m also sure that all of us feel happier when the sun is shining. Well, colour psychology is the science that studies individual colours and the effect they have on our emotional and physical states. The characteristics of each colour are very thought provoking and it’s certainly made me view colour in a whole new light especially when seeking out contemporary home accessories.

Red, for example, is the most powerful colour in the spectrum and depending on the emotional state and the beliefs of the individual it can both attract or repel. Red is a colour that symbolises leadership and royalty as well as courage and power. Red creates excitement as it is the colour of fire and passion, often being associated with sexuality and romantic love. On the downside red is a stressful colour and it has in fact been shown to increase the heart rate and blood pressure.

In interior design and when sourcing interiors accessories red, like any other colour, has its place. Due to its ability to stimulate the appetite as well as conversation it is a good colour for restaurants and dining rooms. It is also a good colour to use in areas where you want to keep people moving such as corridors. Being a ‘hot’ colour red can make any room seem cosy and warm and due to its associations with wealth and power is perfect for any room that requires a grand atmosphere such as a ceremonial or state room.

On the down side however, red can be seen as a pushy colour and therefore is overpowering. It signals danger hence its use in warning signs and whilst associated with love, inappropriate use can make it appear lustful and perverse. It is therefore not a good choice for bedrooms or anywhere where relaxation is required or areas where calmness and clear thinking are required. It can increase irritability and feelings of stress and therefore headaches so red should not be used where people are likely to spend long periods of time or where clear thinking is required. With its stimulating properties red can stimulate further anti-social behaviour and should not be used where people suffer any form of a heart condition.

As I said before, I find this a fascinating subject. It’s interesting to look around to see how colours have been used appropriately or inappropriately in their particular environment. How often have I sat in a restaurant area that has also doubled up as a meeting room starving hungry with a thumping headache and now I know why!!!

I am currently studying for a diploma in interior design to complement my interest in interior furnishings and I have to say it is one of the most enjoyable and interesting subjects I have studied in my time. In the past I have tended to study more academic based courses which have involved the usual pouring over of text books and subsequent essay writing.

The interior design course I am following however, comprises a very different style of learning involving the compilation of mood and sample boards as well as the drawing up of plans and specifications. It obviously requires a creative approach so it is a great way to let my imgaination run wild and express my ideas for different interior schemes as well as looking to include items such as the handmade furniture from my own collection. I love browsing through the various home and interior magazines to get my initial ideas together and incorporate products from my own contemporary home accessories range into my designs. Following this I then trawl the many fabric and wallpaper shops to gather the necessary samples needed to create my mood boards.

Seeing the finished result come together gives me a great deal of satisfaction both in the sense that not only have I created an interior scheme to suit the required brief, but at the same time I have learned something new as the course is also very practical. It covers topics such as colour psychology, style through the ages and the use of pattern, texture and form in interiors as well as how to draft up specifications for contractors and client contractural agreements.

Whilst I generally think creative people such as interior designers tend to have a natural flair for the subject, the course is teaching me that there are many underlying factors that need to be taken into consideration when designing interiors, factors that a novice decorater would not necessarily be aware of which can have a fundamental impact on the finished result. I am just over the halfway mark in terms of my assignments and I thought it may be interesting to share some of the lessons on my course with you all so keep watching this space…………….

It appears that summer has arrived early. One minute the country is at a standstill because of the snow and the next we have glorious sunshine! I say lets make the most of quickly and throw a few barbeques before the weather turns again once more. This is after all England!!

It’s very true what they say about the sunshine making people feel happier. It’s also nice to enjoy the sunshine with friends and do a spot of alfresco entertaining. But when entertaining it’s important to have some modern home accessories to complement your tabletop.

Patios and terraces are often used for entertaining but sometimes get forgotten about when it comes to accessorising. Well why not add a stone vessel to your terrace. Not only will they add colour with their brightly coloured floating candles, they also bring a touch of asia to your exterior environment.

Perhaps you require some ambient lighting, especially once the sun starts to set. Then take a look at a table top bowl candle which will add a touch of freshness  with its refreshing white finish, or a lotus flower tealight holder. If, on the other hand you favour a more medieval look, then perhaps a pair of copper scorce wall mounted oil lamps will be more your style.

A good nights entertainment usually involves a few drinks but how do you keep your wine chilled on those balmy nights? Well whether you are looking for wine bottle accessories, silver table top ice buckets or if you really want to push the boat out champagne buckets for that big celebration, Anuhya Interior Collection has an attractive range of unusual home acessories that will not only make your evening go off with a bang but will also make you the envy of all your friends.

Stone Vessel

Tealight Wall Holder

Lotus Flower Tealight Holder

Champagne Bucket