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Fragile State

Anuhya Interior Collection was borne out of my passion for all thing interiors. I am one of those individuals that has always been interested in other people’s houses. I would walk around and look at each of the rooms, imagining how I would decorate them and in what style if it were my own house. I’d even look at how I would position the furniture!!

But what really fuelled my interest in the world of interiors was the four years I spent living and working in Sri Lanka. Whilst working and on the various travels I undertook across the Indian Sub-Continent and Asia, I came across many unusual home accessories including hand made wooden furniture, table decoration ideas and decorative interiors accessories. So, having arrived in Sri Lanka with just a couple of suitcases, I returned to the UK four years later with a 40 foot container full of personal possessions consisting of furniture, interior accessories, artwork, objet d’art not mention two daschund dogs!! They obviously didn’t travel back in the container, but rather stopped off en-route in Bahrain for 6 months whilst they completed their quarantine.

Copper Oil Lamp

What I really love about my own personal collection of interior furnishings is the fact that the majority of pieces be it furniture, artwork or interior accessories are unique.  Whether it was a special find that I came across when browsing around the antique yards during my weekends or a bespoke item that I had designed and made to my specific requirements, each piece is different and not what you would typically find in the high street shops here in the UK.

The result is that my collection is pretty eclectic, that yet somehow manages to sit with any number of interior styles from classical to the more contemporary. Every piece has its place and when arranged together the result is an interior environment that is unique, harmonious and timeless.

Steel Blossoms

Anuhya Interior Collection was created so that I could share this ethos of uniqueness with those of you looking for something different from that typically found on the high street. Uniqueness is at the core of everything I do, so I endeavour wherever possible to source products that you would not find elsewhere, many of which are one-off individual pieces.

I am also able to undertake commissions and bespoke work for those who want to create something completely individual and special.

So if you are looking for something a little bit different take a look at Anuhya Interior Collection. You may just find that special something that you have been looking for.


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