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Monthly Archives: April 2010

It appears that summer has arrived early. One minute the country is at a standstill because of the snow and the next we have glorious sunshine! I say lets make the most of quickly and throw a few barbeques before the weather turns again once more. This is after all England!!

It’s very true what they say about the sunshine making people feel happier. It’s also nice to enjoy the sunshine with friends and do a spot of alfresco entertaining. But when entertaining it’s important to have some modern home accessories to complement your tabletop.

Patios and terraces are often used for entertaining but sometimes get forgotten about when it comes to accessorising. Well why not add a stone vessel to your terrace. Not only will they add colour with their brightly coloured floating candles, they also bring a touch of asia to your exterior environment.

Perhaps you require some ambient lighting, especially once the sun starts to set. Then take a look at a table top bowl candle which will add a touch of freshness  with its refreshing white finish, or a lotus flower tealight holder. If, on the other hand you favour a more medieval look, then perhaps a pair of copper scorce wall mounted oil lamps will be more your style.

A good nights entertainment usually involves a few drinks but how do you keep your wine chilled on those balmy nights? Well whether you are looking for wine bottle accessories, silver table top ice buckets or if you really want to push the boat out champagne buckets for that big celebration, Anuhya Interior Collection has an attractive range of unusual home acessories that will not only make your evening go off with a bang but will also make you the envy of all your friends.

Stone Vessel

Tealight Wall Holder

Lotus Flower Tealight Holder

Champagne Bucket

Amaya Folding Bar

Amaya Folding Bar

Are you one of those people who really admires a well made solid piece of furniture? I know I am;  I love the various grains that appear with different types of woods, the textures in the finishing from smooth to the more rustic and above all, the sheer array of products in numerous styles that can be crafted from this material.

Like everything else, I like my furniture to be that little bit different. That usually means having the opportunity to put my own personal stamp on it. It’s why I steer clear of mass produced items. Instead, I lean towards hand crafted furniture. I find it very satisfying to sketch an idea for a piece of furniture and then have a master craftsman produce it for me. For me the best bit is knowing that I won’t find it in anywhere else, that the piece is unique to me.

Ampara Love Seat

Hand made wooden furniture obviously isn’t the cheapest way to furnish a house and is for many, an unaffordable luxury. But for those that can afford it, what you will get for your money is a piece of furniture that is crafted to the highest standards. It will be crafted from solid wood as opposed to incorporating the use of veneers and importantly in todays eco-freindly environment, from sustainable woods.

Solid hand crafted furniture will also last you a lifetime and therefore can be seen as a worthy investment, especially if you are looking to pass it down as a family heirloom.

Mother of Pearl Coffee Table

Anuhya Interior Collection offers a select range of affordable modern contemporary furniture all hand crafted from solid sustainable woods. From occasional tables to a love seat, contemporary coffee tables to a leather ottoman, our select range of contemporary living room furniture will complement a variety of living spaces.

If however, you looking to put your own mark onto any of our items, then each piece can be customised to suit your individual requirements. This could be in terms of size to suit a particular space or a different finish.  Alternatively, if you are looking for fully bespoke furniture, we can also undertake commissions to create completely unique stand alone pieces.

Stone Inset Console Table

Carved Mirror