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So let’s talk about orange, a close relation to the colour red but more warm hearted and generous. Orange is symbolically regarded as a positive colour as it raises tolerance and strengthens the will. Orange is associated with endurance and strength which is why you often see it on athletes and sportspeople.

Orange is a warm vibrant colour and is psychologically linked to health and vitality. It is probably no accident that vitamin C tablets are usually orange in colour! Unlike red which is a very demanding colour, orange is more sociable and optimistic. The key positive characteristics of the colour orange is that it is a positive colour that is sociable and likes to work in groups. Despite all of these attributes it is not a popular colour choice so in interior design it needs to be used carefully and with caution.

When considering interiors furnishings orange is a good colour choice for children. It has been shown to improve academic performance as well as making them more sociable and cheerful. Like red it helps to stimulate the appetitie so would be a good choice for a dining room or restaurant, even a public house. Since sports people relate to orange it is a very good choice for exercise rooms or playrooms whilst its creative qualities make it a good choice for designers and other creative industries.

When designing on behalf of clients and considering both colour schemes and accessories for the home, orange also has a negative side. It represents change which can make many people feel insecure and can also be seen as misleading. The persistent qualities of orange can be annoying and the colour should be avoided in areas such as rest rooms or relaxation areas. For people suffering addictions, especially those who tend to eat or drink too much, orange should be avoided. It is also not suitable for individuals who are likely to be irritable or hyperactive or in areas where people may suffer nausea.

One can see that creating an attractive interior environment is not just about tasteful decor or, for example, contemporary living room furniture. The effect that the colour can have on people’s emotions and well being is also of paramount importance.


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