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Monthly Archives: June 2010

What is it about English football that in any major tournament we make it so hard to get through to the next stages? I’m not sure if the players like to tease their fans but yesterday’s game was certainly a nail biter. The downside of course is having to play Germany in the next round which will no doubt be even more nerve racking, although some of my fellow viewers do not think it is such a bad thing.

Despite the nerves it was a fun afternoon yesterday and also an excuse to make use of some of my occasional furniture that otherwise would not see the light of day. My normally redundant love seat provided some very handy extra seating as did my leather ottoman bench for the various bodies huddled around the TV. Of course, I inevitably had to remove some of my more fragile items from display such as my abstract sculpture and lotus lamps as there was much leaping around and shouting every time England came close to scoring. I’m sure you can picture the scene and therefore the potential for a major accident!!

So now I have a couple of days to get my breath back before doing it all over again on Sunday. Don’t get me wrong, I really enjoy having my friends around but I’m just not sure my nerves can take the stress of the game! But I have the champagne buckets at the ready along with the wine bottle accessories and beer, because with our history with Germany if we do win we will definitely have something to celebrate!!

Not only can sculptures be stunning pieces of art, but they also have their place in interior design particularly when it comes to accessorising ones home. They can add character to a room whilst at the same time evoking different emotions or images dependent on the particular form the sculpture takes.

If you are looking for a figurative and abstract sculpture, Anuhya Interior Collection offers a very select but unique range. Each clay sculpture is completely individual in looks and design which will appeal to those of you who actively seek out exclusive products. The range comprises abstract sculptures and torso sculptures each of which have their own distinct appeal.

A personal favourite of mine is the coastal shell sculpture as it evokes images of windswept beaches and rolling waves on a blustery winter’s day. The detailing in the glazed finishing and sculpted lines are truly stunning and would take pride of place in any home. Equally beautiful but following very different lines are the two female sculptures and the male sculpture. Not only are they inimitable works of art but they are also an investment which will last a lifetime.

I don’t know about you but I’m really looking forward to the world cup this year. There’s something about events like this that create a sense of solidarity and make people pull together. The best part though is that it is a good excuse to have friends over and watch the England games together, cue Friday and the first little soiree to get things going.

Although watching a football match with friends is a fairly informal affair, I still like to make sure that they are made welcome, not to mentioned looked after. I usually put out a few nibbles along with some refreshments and take a lot of pride in creating an attractive table setting. I think it is important to concentrate the setting around table centrepieces which not only create a focal point but also add interest to the display.

When it comes to refreshments then the appropriate wine bottle accessories are top of the list for the more refined of my friends. Closely following this is an ice bucket to keep drinks cool, especially with the current warmer weather. If England does well and makes it to the final then it will be a good time to get the champagne accessories out! The perfect solution for housing and displaying all of these items is a folding bar which is not only an attractive piece of furniture in its own right, but functional and space saving.

To finish off the effect I find a few tea lights and lotus lamps create the right level of ambient lighting which always helps in setting the mood and creating a sense of atmosphere. All that remains now is for Friday to come along and to say ‘Come on England’!