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Not only can sculptures be stunning pieces of art, but they also have their place in interior design particularly when it comes to accessorising ones home. They can add character to a room whilst at the same time evoking different emotions or images dependent on the particular form the sculpture takes.

If you are looking for a figurative and abstract sculpture, Anuhya Interior Collection offers a very select but unique range. Each clay sculpture is completely individual in looks and design which will appeal to those of you who actively seek out exclusive products. The range comprises abstract sculptures and torso sculptures each of which have their own distinct appeal.

A personal favourite of mine is the coastal shell sculpture as it evokes images of windswept beaches and rolling waves on a blustery winter’s day. The detailing in the glazed finishing and sculpted lines are truly stunning and would take pride of place in any home. Equally beautiful but following very different lines are the two female sculptures and the male sculpture. Not only are they inimitable works of art but they are also an investment which will last a lifetime.


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