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When creating an interior design scheme it is important not to forget those finishing touches. Accessories for the home help to complete a scheme and without them a room can look unfinished or even unbalanced.

Accessorising the home is a great way of putting your own stamp on a project and creating your very own personalised space. The art is in selecting the right interior furnishings and determining whether they are to serve a function or purely decorative purposes. In some cases they serve both. For example, a cushion will no doubt serve both a decorative and functional aspect when placed on a sofa in a living room, but when placed on a bed propped up against the pillows it is usually intended for decorative purposes only.

It is important when selecting accessories that they complement and harmonise with your chosen scheme. This doesn’t necessarily mean that everything has to match either in colour or necessarily style. A classic interior with a contemporary stainless steel decoration can result in an eclectic design that stimulates interest. Equally so a contemporary interior featuring an antique style brass lamp hints at bygone days and can soften the edges of an otherwise minimalist scheme.

Experimenting with accessories can be great fun and in most cases they can easily be changed or updated to compliment your latest look or colour scheme. The key is knowing when to stop so that rooms do not become overcrowded with clutter rather than creating focal points of interests with well positioned accessories for the home.

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